Want an alternative to 3 forlorn balloons tied to your gate to show guests where the party
Balloon garlands are such an impressive and effective way to create colour and drama at
your event and the secret is…….. they are SOoooooooo simple to make yourself.
4 components needed

  1. Balloons. Choose your colour scheme and get varying hues of that colour/s and
    varying sizes of balloons. For real impact add a couple of 30” balloons
  2. Balloon pump. Sitting for hours blowing up balloons until you need an inhaler is no
    one’s idea of a fun night in.
  3. Balloon garland tape. Easy to buy online for a couple of pounds
  4. Glue dots.
    Blow up all your balloons to varying sizes, tiny to large. Tie a knot in each one, then take
    your medium and large balloons and insert the knot into the holes of the garland tape – you
    don’t need to fill every hole. Then using your glue dots, randomly stick all your tiny balloons
    to the garland and ……voila! You’re ready to hang or drape your garland and create real
    Tip – As I found out the other week, using glue dots outside in cold weather makes them
    lose their stick, so try to assemble indoors!